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Wildebees ecolodge was founded in 2006 by Martijn and Marike Verbeek. Martijn and Marike emigrated to South Africa from the Netherlands in the same year, Martijn: ‘After three years of serious thoughts,  market research and several trips to our ‘to be home country’ we decided to leave the Netherlands to start a new adventure in the country we fell in love with, a country with enormous potential, diversity and overwelming natural beauty. We surely needed to adapt to the african way of living, the african pace, the heat, but also the ultimate luxury of space and freedom, in mind but also around us, in nature. Now after all those years we really feel South Africa has welcomed us, it’s in our blood, we can truly say: this is our new home.’

Martijn and Marike started Wildebees ecolodge with development in mind. Their constant effort to improve the product, quality,  improving knowledge of staff by organizing workshops and training, all processes which are constantly monitored, measured and managed.  Marike; ‘ it is our aim to offer an experience rather than just another overnight stay, where personal attention, service and a relaxed environment are key. We want our customers to feel at home, to relax and enjoy africa's splendid nature and our unique location right in the middle of all the delights KwaZulu Natal has to offer.


Wildebees ecolodge strives to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing electricity usage, the lodge is partly fitted with solar collectors that run some of the equipment used in the lodge. All water used in the lodge is pumped from the ground and mixed with rainwater. All waste water from showers, sinks and toilets is collected and treated in special filter tanks whereafter it will be soaked back into the ground. The filter process ensures that perfectly clean water is returned back into the ground.

All waste generated in the lodge is collected by a waste removal company that separates the waste for us. Therefore you will not find any recycling bins in your room. All natural waste generated in the lodge is turned into compost used in our vegetable garden. Next to the reduced environmental impact Wildebees ecolodge initiates, manages and supports the local community with its ecolabel projects. Wildebees ecolodge will be gradually implementing more environmentally friendly solutions to reduce our impact even further. Stay tuned to our Facebook site to get regular updates.

Wildebees ecolodge | False bay road C20, Hluhluwe, South Africa |Tel +27 (0) 35 5621039 | email: info@wecolodge.com

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